We are awash in information.

A feed is always a tap away thanks to phones and social media.

We have never been more entertained, provoked, and in-the-know. And yet we are ambivalent at best about our feeds, be they Twitter, Slack or Facebook. The moments of insight are too brief and quickly washed away by what's new.

We obsess over tuning our feeds and restricting how often we access them, all the while missing a fundamental truth: a feed will never give us what we crave.

Feeds are for discovery and connection. While invigorating in right-sized doses they become exhausting without a counterbalance. Inevitably we need breaks to reflect and make meaning.

Somewhere between social media and unplugging completely lies an area largely underdeveloped on the internet. A space for contemplation.

Picture an old-fashioned reading room.

The Rare Book Room at the New York Academy of Medicine

The Rare Book Room at the New York Academy of Medicine

Here content is not a free-for-all. You are very deliberate about what you consume and surround yourself with things that challenge and inspire you. You re-read just as often as you read something new. You're constantly jumping between material, connecting dots, and drafting your own thoughts.

It's a space thats both calming and energizing. Both for consumption and composition. It's where you get your best thinking done.

If you think you need a space like this please reach out at pejman@reflective.co

We're just getting started and would love your perspective as things take shape.

Thank you for reading, Pejman